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We, Erik & Robin, started Paparazzi Tonight at our wedding in 2007. Crazy huh? At the time there were only two photo booth rental companies in Portland! Our wedding officiant was in a wheelchair and we knew he would be unable to sit in a regular box photo booth. He was a family friend and very important to us. Erik was a partner in a printing company and figured out a way to add instant printing to a photographer backdrop set-up. Our photo booth concept was a huge hit! After the wedding, we bought an ad in Portland Monthly and the rest is history. We grew year after year even though the economy was in a deep recession. And, 10+ years into this mom and pop business, we continue to innovate as the world of events keeps on turning.

Robin Pierce

The Papa in the Paparazzi


I'll work hand in hand with you to come up with unique plans to make your event a success. I specialize in theme integration, site builds, industry technology and on-site event management. We offer large format printing and custom graphic design.


FOUNDERess Razzi


I'm your lead contact. I'm passionate about helping guests take great photos and take home beautiful prints. Photos DO last a lifetime. Simple and true. Even in this social media world. I also curate, source, or create our amazing vintage props for any theme you can choose. See you soon. :)



We've been extremely lucky to have found the most amazing Paparazzi crew. Many have been with us since the beginning in 2007.

Fun and talented, always delivering the goods in the form of energy, action, and most of all great shots!


"She wanted a Photo Booth at her Portland wedding."


How we started


We were featured on a Koin6 TV spot way back in 2008. Studio 6 had seen us at an event and thought our concept was unique and our back story romantic. 


They wanted us to show their audience how we took the traditional automated photo booth to the next level of photo entertainment. After discussing how we could best accomplish this, they decided to have us set up on their set and shoot just like we would do at an event.

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